News Roll

In order to print the Sunday edition of newspapers in the United States, 500,000 trees are used, of which only 20% are recycled.

This project looks to rethink recycling. How can we reuse newspaper in a meaningful way.

Consumer waste in the United States breaks down as the following: 41.7% paper, 14.7% yard clippings, 10.1% food, 8.3% plastic, 7.9% metal, and 13.1% other. Paper is the largest component of landfill in the United States.

Like food, news is consumed, and sometimes it does not make us feel good. Depending on where you get your food (or news) from, it can be great or it can be crap. While food waste easily and readily decomposes, paper waste does not. In landfill, under tons of trash, paper compresses and ironically preserves. How could we assist newspaper's decomposition.

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