In 2000, several architects were utilizing the idea of a single continuous plane that could at once be the ceiling, wall, floor, and furniture. I was enamored with this idea of connection and the ability of a single form to unify parts and eliminate the need for hardware.

I like to think a place has influence on one's work, and in this case it certainly did. Detroit, the motor city, motown, the birthplace of techno music, Detroit is a very particular place.  While I'm a fan of minimalist design, I wanted to design a piece with personality and character, something for the free-spirited individual, not the generic masses. I was thinking muscle car, not family sedan. GTO, Chevelle, Camaro, Barracuda...Cuda.

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Red, back 3/4 view
Red, back 3/4 view.
Black, side view
Black, side view.
Black, front 3/4 view
Black, front 3/4 view.
Black, back 3/4 view 1
Black, back 3/4 view 1.
Black, back 3/4 view 2
Black, back 3/4 view 2.
White, back 3/4 view 1
White, back 3/4 view 1.
White, back 3/4 view 2
White, back 3/4 view 2.
White, front 3/4 view
White, front 3/4 view.