1:1 is my Artist-in-Residence project for Houston Community College, Southeast. This project was supported by the President of Southeast College, Irene Porcarello and the Fine Arts and Languages Division. During my residency, I sought to create a piece that addresses Houston Community College‚Äôs close relationship with its surrounding community. Communication was the key to this and became the primary concept for the work.  At its essence, communication is between two people, one person to one person.

Conversation versus updates. Today, communication and social media are increasingly entwined. Our attention is easily fractured by constant updates, tweets, alerts and texts. Short bursts of text can be useful, but serve as a poor substitute for a conversation. The prevalent form of 1:1 is a box, presenting each person as an avatar, a physical screen presence. 1:1 is for conversation with fewer visual and audible distractions. Inside walls are lined with acoustic material to minimize sounds from coming in and going out.

1:1, just like skype and facetime, but without the time lag and infinite resolution!

This project is currently on display and for use until December 15, 2011at Houston Community College Southeast campus in the Learning Hub on located at 6815 Rustic, Houston, Texas . Walk straight through the main doors and on right, just under the staircase.

in use
in use.
angle view 1
angle view 1.
angle view 2
angle view 2.
open, view in
open, view in.
end view 2
end view 2.
end view
end view.
end view 2
end view 2.
end view 3, take me to your leader
end view 3, take me to your leader.
"what's that?".
view inside
view inside.
inside view, wall and light
inside view, wall and light.
left side, door open, acoustic tile
left side, door open, acoustic tile.
left side
left side.
door detail 1, gap to door handle
door detail 1, gap to door handle.
door detail 2, closer
door detail 2, closer.
folder tab as door handle detail
folder tab as door handle detail.
cord detail
cord detail.